Anikila vs  Alien Pumpkins


 I am so happy to introduce Anikila vs  Alien Pumpkins .

Anikila vs  Alien Pumpkins,  was built from an old project for Android. Now in this new version is multiplatform, new weapons and graphics performance with a simple mechanical (shooting games)  and the best is free.


Anikila vs Alien Pumpkins is a top-down shooter game. In the game, you play as the main character - Anikila 

Who is Anikila?......coming soon.

She will discover on the night of Haloween that your city has been attacked by the Alien Pumpkins.She will join an epic battle between mankind the Alien Pumpkins.

Anikila vs Alien Pumkins  has a fast-paced combat system. The character has 3 weapons (Pistol, Tactical Shotgun,  Sawed-off shotgun).


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Anikila vs Alien Pumpkins